Unified Communications

One platform. Endless possibilities

Unified Communications from GlobalConnect is your access to a wide range of communication tools that are bundled together to give you greater flexibility, better teamwork and increased efficiency. The benefits go directly to your employees and customers.

“Standard or tailor-made? Get a scalable solution designed to meet your needs.”

Torjus Bjørnstad Business Operations Manager

Telephony with a digital approach

Intelligent communication solutions in the cloud. Made for your demands and budget.

Built for business

Effective work flows. Greater knowledge sharing. Easier day-to-day operations.

Telephony solutions

  • Direct routing for Microsoft Teams

    Take teamwork to the next level

    Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams makes it simple and fast to use call features in Microsoft Teams with your own phone numbers.

    Calls made in Teams come with basic features, such as placing outgoing calls and answering incoming calls – and you can also place calls on hold, redirect calls, make simultaneous calls, use voicemail and see call history.

    With Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams, we help move your phone numbers into the cloud so you can take full advantage of your Unified communication solution.

  • Multiline ISDN

    Telephony via the fibre network

    Phone services – traditionally based on copper – are moving into the modern era as copper networks are replaced by fibre networks.

    GlobalConnect helps your company get a head start with telephony via a broadband or fibre network – either via an existing or a new line. You will keep your existing phone number, and you can continue to use existing redirect services. We do, however, recommend that you get a new phone system. Old systems are expensive and complicated to maintain, and there are lots of advantages in implementing a modern solution.

  • SIP Trunk

    SIP Trunk reduces complexity – and expenses

    A SIP Trunk solution for your company’s phone system uses existing IT infrastructure to establish a connection with the public phone network. This reduces complexity and lowers your expenses by cutting superfluous costs for the ISDN circuit. Last, but not least, it reduces your call rates considerably.

    GlobalConnect is connected to more than 30 phone companies across the world, which is why we can offer premium international call rates.

    SIP Trunk for Skype for Business

    We offer SIP Trunk solutions for Skype for Business, which is based on your company’s existing IT infrastructure and therefore requires no physical installation in either your network or the phone company’s network. It allows for easy connection between different locations, and everything is simply tied together in one solution.

  • Private Branch Exchange

    Fast redirect with Private Branch Exchange

    The Private Branch Exchange service from GlobalConnect is a web-based redirect service delivered via your existing internet connection from GlobalConnect. The phones are connected directly to the internet, and there is no need for extra equipment.

    The web-based redirect service is easy to use, and every employee will have their own icon displaying their availability. The solution is simple to use and comes with a wide range of smart features:

    • Complete redirect solution package
    • Compatibility with Mac, PC, smartphone and tablet
    • Supports voice and video calls as well as voice and video conferences
    • Easy to display if you are absent/away
    • Welcome greetings and information about opening hours
    • Optional queue feature
  • International phone numbers

    Local presence with international phone numbers

    It is often necessary to establish a local presence on foreign markets as your company grows. It is easy and simple to create foreign phone numbers as part of your company’s Unified Communications solution with the international phone numbers feature. Alternatively, we have the capability to redirect international numbers to any given number within your company.