Ensure a secure network infrastructure

With a lightning-fast fibre network you get a solution that can handle your increasing data usage. By consolidating your national and international connections with us you can easily establish a single connected network solution – through one supplier. We have our own backbone network in Northern Europe and as a long-serving supplier of international operators, we make sure that your data always arrives securely.

“We own and control our infrastructure so you are always ensured the fastest, most stable and secure solution.”

Pedro Almeida Senior Network Engineer

Stability and security go hand in hand

We are your guarantor for security and stability – and lightning-fast online access. We monitor your connections and data and we move fast if you experience a problem.

Connecting businesses and people

Companies with locations across country borders need a fast and secure connection. We help you find the right solution whether you need an A-to-B connection or solutions like SD-WAN or IPVPN.

Create freedom that reaches the cloud

Free your employees from out-dated and inefficient IT-systems. Give them the freedom to work anywhere through intelligent cloud-based services instead – and a fibre connection that secures efficiency.

Network solutions

  • Managed SD-WAN

    With Managed SD-WAN, you can monitor and optimize your entire network through a central dashboard that shows real-time application performance and bandwidth usage. It provides the perfect overview – around the clock.

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  • WDM: Raw fibre without the fuss

    WDM gives you the highest speed on the market and full transparency. With WDM the waves are separated, which makes it impossible to mix data. This not only provides great stability but also a high level of security. In practical terms, the data streams of the single carriers are impossible to break into.

    This means you get all of the benefits from a raw fibre solution and even better security. Unlike raw fibre, WDM gives you unlimited range – which makes the solution perfect for backbone circuits and connections between data centres.

  • Carrier Ethernet – the network of the future

    Carrier Ethernet was made for fibre. With this solution, you can wave goodbye to latency and bad quality, and get excited about outstanding uptime instead. Carrier Ethernet has been designed to fulfil the strict quality control demanded of a transportation network and it is clearly noticeable.

    • Ethernet Private Line

      With Ethernet Private Line you can easily connect several addresses with a professional Ethernet connection – and the result is a packet loss of under 0.01% and an additional minimal jitter of less than 1 ms.

    • VLAN Port

      A VLAN Port from GlobalConnect is the right network solution for you if you wish to establish Ethernet Private Line connections from one Gigabit Port to several decentralised addresses – without the traffic moving between the decentralised addresses. It makes it simple for the service providers and companies with many branches or local departments to connect new addresses. And the solution creates more flexibility at a better cost.

    • Wireless Pro Ethernet

      With Wireless Pro Ethernet, you get a professional radio-based step-by-step network connection, which you do not share with anyone else. And even though we send your data to the sky, you will still experience speeds of between 25 Mbit/s and 10 Gbit/s.

      Wireless Pro is suitable for establishing high-speed connections for exhibitions, festivals, and construction sites etc. The solution is also a great alternative to fibre if your address is far away from the existing fibre network.

  • Dark fibre

    A private fibre network has many advantages – both with regards to operations and security. Even though it can seem like a large project, it is an investment which often breaks even within a few years. A private fibre network keeps your operational costs low and secures independence from external suppliers.

    You get complete technological freedom of choice and you decide which technology will be at the other end of the line. A private fibre network can typically stretch over 80-120 km and if you need more reach, we will gladly help by setting up a repeater station – or a WDM solution, which is not dependant on distance, could be an obvious choice.

  • Cloud access

    Public cloud services make it easy for companies to develop and scale their IT setup. GlobalConnect has a direct connection to leading public cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Equinox and Akamai so you are ensured the best connection to your services in the cloud.

    With Cloud Access from GlobalConnect, you get a direct connection from your IPVPN solution or a GlobalConnect data centre to data centres in London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt – meaning that your traffic bypasses the internet, to give you a higher output and better security.

  • Dedicated capacity

    Cloud services and connected units put increasingly higher stress on companies’ network capacities and ability to handle data traffic. GlobalConnect offers a number of solutions, which guarantee that your company has the necessary capacity to handle large data sets.

  • ContentConnect

    By connecting to the national fibre ring, you get access to GlobalConnect’s neutral transmissions platform. It is an innovative marketplace where content providers and cable service providers can do business – on neutral ground.

  • MPLS

    MPLS VPN is an IP network solution, which enables companies with several locations to establish a private, routed IP network. With MPLS VPN, the client will have secure access to their own private network between all of their locations on GlobalConnect’s production platform.

  • Internet

    GlobalConnect offers internet of the highest quality.
    In order to offer maximum availability and traffic flow, internet products on GlobalConnect’s networks use redundant fibres with terabit capacity for important internet centres.
    From these strategically important positions, GlobalConnect ensures the optimum mix of fast local internet and robust, effective international access.