GlobalConnect Group secures operational efficiency during the ongoing Corona outbreak

GlobalConnect Group has introduced clear measures to contribute to limit the spread of the corona virus in this serious situation, as well as maintaining our community-critical infrastructure across all the markets where we operate; Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Finland.

We have raised the level of preparedness throughout the group, and the crisis management organization is continuously working actively to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners, as well as to secure operational efficiency. We are working together with local authorities in all countries, and are following recommendations from local governmental authorities as well as the World Health organization and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Our current operations and delivery levels are stable and sufficient across the group, as well as our staffing across all business units and markets.

Maintaining operations – the following actions have been taken to secure operational continuity:

  • We have secured full support in maintaining network and services operations, including around the clock monitoring and fault corrections. Currently we have normal operational status without any increased risk exposure.
  • We are in constant dialogue with equipment providers securing that equipment and spare parts are available to secure our network’s full functionality. We are also in constant dialogue with third party suppliers in order to secure ongoing deliveries.
  • Should a situation arise where many of our employees get infected, we have continuity plans in place securing network and service operations, as well as employee health and safety.
  • For technical personnel (configuration, 1st and 2nd line service desk), home office work is part of standard continuity plans, and equipment for this is being used and tested regularly to secure full operational status. For the remaining parts of the service and delivery apparatus, where home office work is not standard, approved home office solutions have been prepared and distributed to employees.


People and safety – the following actions have been taken to prevent the spread of the Corona virus and to ensure the safety and health of our employees:  

  • GlobalConnect Group will not participate in any trade shows or large work-related and/or customer events until further notice.
  • Strict travel restrictions have been introduced and are being followed. This applies to all people working at GlobalConnect Group, including consultants and employees with short term contracts.
  • We have secured extra sanitation and distancing efforts in all offices to minimize contamination, and are following local authorities’ work from home recommendations at all our offices.

We continue to closely monitor the situation of COVID-19 and will introduce more measures if the situation escalates and the risk of infection increases. Our number one priority is to continue operations while keeping our employees and partners safe.