Management of GlobalConnect

We take responsibility for your digital journey

Our formula is straightforward: remove complexity – add opportunities.

We want you to have the opportunity to focus on stability and your core business. The opportunity to accelerate your growth on a digital foundation. The opportunity to connect people and markets – and to improve your earnings.

We want to be your gateway to fast internet. To digital growth. And new technology platforms. That is why we would like your input on how we can assist you on your digital journey.

Martin Lippert, konsernsjef i GlobalConnect

Martin Lippert

Group CEO

Henrik Hammarström, Director B2B Sweden

Henrik Hammarström

Director B2B Sweden

Henrik Schibler

Group CFO, Finance, Analytics & Legal

Louise Hahn

Director of B2B Denmark & Country CEO

Charlotta Rehman

Director of B2B Norway & Country CEO

Regina Donato Dahlström

Director of GlobalConnect Carrier & Country CEO Sweden

Fredrik Borg

Fredrik Borg

Director of B2C Sweden

Portrettbilde av Brynjar Andersen Head of B2C

Brynjar Andersen

Director of B2C Norway

Anders Kuhn Saaby

Anders Kuhn Saaby

Group CTO, Technology

Portrettbilde av Kamran Alemdar Group CMO

Kamran Alemdar

Group CMO, Marketing & Communications

Jacob Zentio Larsen

Jacob Zentio Larsen

Group CIO, IT

Yan Zheng

Yan Zheng

Director of Digital Solutions

Jannie Laurberg

Jannie Laurberg

Group CHRO People, Culture & Strategy

Board of Directors

Eric Elzvik | Chairperson

Carl Sjölund | Board member

Per Morten Torvildsen | Board member

Marco Visser | Board member

Pernille Erenbjerg | Board member

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