Managed SD-WAN: Future-proof and flexible

With a Managed SD-WAN solution from GlobalConnect, frustrations over complexity, uncontrollable costs, and long delivery times are over: Managed SD-WAN provides you with effortless monitoring and customization of the network supporting your business.

The perfect real-time overview 

With Managed SD-WAN, you can monitor and optimize your entire network through a central dashboard that shows real-time application performance and bandwidth usage. It provides the perfect overview – around the clock.

You can configure useful reports for network traffic and usage patterns, and with this knowledge, reduce the total amount of resources needed for maintaining your network.

Optimizing your current IT structure

Managed SD-WAN can be implemented regardless of the network connection you use today. You can integrate existing network solutions and add mobile failover.

Your current cloud solutions can also be integrated with the Managed SDWAN solution from GlobalConnect.

You decide if you prefer a classic hub/ spoke infrastructure or a full mesh network. Application-based routing is also a possibility.

Our system strategy: Security first

With GlobalConnect as a business partner and supplier, you get access to a team of experienced security specialists. Your data, your infrastructure, and thereby your business is protected by a structure based on a ‘security first’ principle.

You get a centrally monitored firewall, assuring you, that your system is protected anytime. We always use encrypted tunnels for traffic between locations, keeping all communication private and secure.

Efficient use of your network capabilities 

A GlobalConnect Managed SD-WAN solution can route and prioritize traffic based on source, destination or application. Thereby ensuring quality, while simultaneously utilizing your network connections most optimally.

You can view all details in your central dashboard. Thereby quickly correcting errors and taking full advantage of your capacity. You can also get separate guest networks.

Get product sheet: Managed SD-WAN

Download our product sheet and see how you get a future-proof and flexible network solution with a perfect overview in collaboration with GlobalConnect.