Lightning-fast fibre for your business

Add opportunity with a business fibre internet connection

Is your internet connection ready to face the growing demands of today’s business environment? Your internet connection is not only your connection to the world; it is the lifeline that underpins your financial systems, your customer communications and your processes, products and services.

With a lightning-fast fibre connection, you are not troubled by noise from private users. You can scale the speed according to your needs. And you can add intelligent security services – in one future-proof solution.


km fibre network


hours' surveillance


uptime measured over a year

“A fast and stable internet connection is business critical for all companies – we monitor your solution 24/7 to provide the best possible uptime for you.”

Emma Ljungdahl Group Manager, SDM, Customer Service & NOC

“We choose a fibre connection from GlobalConnect, because we need a fast, stable connection and a competent partner.”

Zahid Butt CEO, Copenhagen Games

Additional services

  • Effective DDoS protection

    DDoS attacks are one of the most common threats against businesses, and the consequences are dire. The attacks bombard your website with fake traffic, ultimately exhausting your servers and crashing your systems.

    We can help you avert the threat by constantly monitoring and comparing your website traffic. We filter unwanted traffic, keeping your website safe from an attack and allowing you to carry on with business as usual.

  • Managed Next Generation Firewall

    Navigate safely online with a Managed Firewall – the best solution on the market. Our Managed Firewall guarantees optimal performance and safety – without burdening you with installation processes, maintenance issues or investment in equipment. Easy, simple and efficient.

  • Backup

    Backup data is the lifeline of your business, if you are infected by a virus or under a ransomware attack. We help organise your backup processes, and we ensure that your data is always in safe hands through services such as Veeam CloudConnect and Insider Protection.

    Contact us to learn more about how we can set your backup data straight.

  • Redundancy

    When it comes to reliability, our fibre connection is already among the best in the market. But we have added yet another layer of security. A redundant network and internet solution is your backup line, e.g. in the event that a fibre cable is damaged, ensuring that your company is always online thanks to two fibre lines on different circuits.