About GlobalConnect Carrier

Our Story

GlobalConnect Carrier is sprung out of the merger between GlobalConnect and IP-Only that took place in the spring of 2020. The two companies started out with carrier businesses as their backbone. Now, with the combined strengths from the two companies we have become a truly Nordic carrier with international reach and your gateway to Nordic connectivity.

With GlobalConnect Carrier you will find all the benefits of one strong company. We are going from being a serious challenger on each market to be a player with a seamless and complete Northern European offer to tech giants with high capacity needs, carriers and system integrators.

At the same time we will stay local, keeping our customer centric philosophy. We have experts in each country who know your market and understand your business. You will have one contact and you will get one solution. Regardless of whether you need our help in northern Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland.


m2 of datacentre space


kilometres of fibre



Empowering results

With expertise, experience and ever-evolving connectivity solutions, we generate instant value, enabling our customers to grow and develop. GlobalConnect Carrier offers a full suite of carrier services with access to more than 100.000 kilometers of fiber, 3300 access nodes, and more than 33.000 square meters of space in 16 datacenters.

Our headquarters are in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and we have local offices and divisions in every country in which we operate. This allows us to follow your industry, your challenges and your company at a close range.

Our strength – your advantage

GlobalConnect Carrier is part of GlobalConnect that is owned by EQT Infrastructure which enables us to continuously invest in new infrastructure, automation and security solutions.

Today we are more than 1.600 employees in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Germany. Together GlobalConnect generate a turnover of more than €500 million through our work with all types and sizes of companies.