Wholesale - IT infrastructure & telecommunication

GlobalConnect is also built on wholesale

Over the past 16 years, GlobalConnect has been a direct supplier of IT infrastructure solutions to international carriers, system integrators, service providers, mobile operators and other large-scale users in Denmark, the Nordic region and Germany. As a matter of fact, wholesale is something we have drawn our experience from, right from the first connection to our nationwide networks today. And this is reflected in the solutions we offer to your customers.

Choose your IT infrastructure suppliers with care

At GlobalConnect, we live by making connections. And we know that good relations develop into close relations in the course of time, providing a joint platform for excellent networks.  We bring along this knowledge when assessing how to assist our customers in the best possible way. From our many years as a wholesale supplier, we know that to be your preferred subcontractor, we have to focus on an effort to meet not only your needs, but also, and equally, your customers' needs. Therefore, we continuously strive to build stronger relationships with you by committing ourselves to your business and understanding your relations and connections to the market in which you operate.

Our wholesale IT solutions and expertise can become your company's products

GlobalConnect offers your company the opportunity to sell our state-of-the-art cloud, data centre, security, Internet, networking or telephony solutions as your products to your customers. We supply white-label solutions you can safely resell. We are always conscious of the great responsibility we take for your business when we are engaged to create the good technological relations between you and your connections.

The right solution for you

The possibilities offered by our wholesale solutions of IT infrastructure are countless, and all of them can be adapted to suit your company's specific needs. Contact our experienced wholesale specialists today on telephone +45 77303000, or electronically at gc-wholesale@globalconnect.dk