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GlobalConnect offers telephony services to companies with offices in Denmark and abroad, and we have several solutions to choose from. The question is, how much you want to save?

Each day, our Carrier Class platform handles more than 1 million telephony minutes for both Danish business customers and international telecom companies. This corresponds to 694 days of continuous talking - in one day! So we know a thing or two about it.

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SIP Trunk

With a SIP Trunk solution from GlobalConnect, you acquire flexibility, scalability and business continuity superior to ISDN. The SIP Trunk solution can be combined with international phone numbers in more than 30 countries to the company's international offices or dial-in numbers. This is an area where we can save you a lot of money.

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SIP Trunk

Certified for Microsoft Lync

Certified for Microsoft Lync

GlobalConnect is also certified for Microsoft Lync. With a Lync SIP Trunk solution from us, you obtain the full benefits of the Enterprise Voice functions in Lync. If you combine Lync with a SIP Trunk, you also save the costs of an ISDN circuit. You also benefit from our long-standing cooperation with more than 30 telecom companies in and outside Denmark –  getting extremely attractive minute rates.

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Lync SIP Trunk Trial

Is your company considering introducing Microsoft Lync in the organisation, or considering replacing the existing ISDN circuit to Lync with a SIP Trunk? We have composed a trial programme that allows you to test a SIP Trunk for Microsoft Lync. In the package, you will receive three voice channels, 10 Danish fixed-line numbers, the possibility of calling fixed-line and mobile numbers in Denmark and abroad and testing incoming calls. We will have you up and running within a few days

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Telephony to Service Providers

Our Indirect Sales solutions are intended for carriers and service providers from Denmark and the rest of the world. The solutions for carriers cover transit agreements with termination of traffic as well as access services, which provide access to Danish fixed-line and freephone numbers and routing of traffic to these numbers.

Service providers with their own telephony platform can also choose to terminate their traffic at GlobalConnect and take advantage of the more than 40 interconnect agreements we have already established. In addition, we provide number series and tools for number porting.

More information on our solutions for service providers, please call: +45 7730 3000 or send an email to Wholesale:


Do you have your ISDN connection with TDC? Then take a look at our Prefix solution. The process is simple, and you can save money already tomorrow

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Conference Call at Attractive Prices

Many people choose the large telecom companies when they need a Conference Call solution. However, this may quickly become expensive, and the costs are often hidden in the total telephony cost. With a fixed monthly subscription for a Conference Call solution from GlobalConnect, you will always know what you are paying. Moreover, we have some of the lowest prices in the market.

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With a fax2email solution from GlobalConnect you can send and receive fax messages via e-mail. You simply have to open an e-mail, enter a fax number, attach the message and click send. When you receive fax messages, they will be in the form of an e-mail with an attached PDF. As easy as that.

A fax2email solution makes it easy for your employees to handle your fax messages. This will also provide you with free choice to select the devices or applications you want to use for this function - you only have to be able to send an e-mail.

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