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Prefix Solution with Immediate Savings

In recent years, several telecom companies have started raising minute rates, which clearly shows on many companies' telephone bills.

However, for companies with one or more ISDN connections from TDC, we have a solution that quickly and easily can be deployed and which immediately reduces your minute rates by up to 30%.

This is where you Save Money

GlobalConnect can offer extremely attractive minute rates in Denmark and abroad because we cooperate with more than 30 Danish and international telecom companies. This is your guarantee for permanent low rate without any compromise on the quality of calls. And we do this on a daily basis.

Every day, GlobalConnect handles more than 1 million telephony minutes for both Danish and foreign telecom companies, service providers and business customers. This corresponds to 694 days of continuous talking - in one day!

This is how it Works

A prefix consists of four digits, which the company's telephone system automatically adds to the phone number an employee is calling. The call will be redirected to GlobalConnect, and we will ensure that the call is connected to the person receiving the call. The individual employee do not need to enter the prefix - it is added automatically.

Set up Without Technician

The only prerequisite for a prefix solution is that the partner who services the company's telephone system, creates the prefix in the system. Typically this change takes only a few minutes and can often be handled via remote support, meaning that no technician needs to be called in.

Moreover, it is not necessary to port the company's phone numbers to GlobalConnect, as we only handle the outgoing calls. Incoming calls to the company are still received via the existing ISDN connections.

SIP Trunk

SIP Trunk

Are you instead considering collecting all your activities at GlobalConnect, thus achieving a total telephony solution from us, then you should take a look at our SIP Trunk solution. With a SIP Trunk solution, you utilise the existing IT infrastructure to establish a connection between the telephony system and the public telephony network. This saves you the cost of ISDN circuits and reduces your minute rates significantly.

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Conference Call at Attractive Prices

Many people choose the large telecom companies when they need a Conference Call solution. However, this may quickly become expensive, and the costs are often hidden in the total telephony cost. With a fixed monthly subscription for a Conference Call solution from GlobalConnect, you will always know what you are paying. Moreover, we have some of the lowest prices in the market.

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With a fax2email solution from GlobalConnect you can send and receive fax messages via e-mail. You simply have to open an e-mail, enter a fax number, attach the message and click send. When you receive fax messages, they will be in the form of an e-mail with an attached PDF. As easy as that.

A fax2email solution makes it easy for your employees to handle your fax messages. This will also provide you with free choice to select the devices or applications you want to use for this function - you only have to be able to send an e-mail.

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