Operational Reliability

High Degree of Operational Reliability

In all GlobalConnect data centres, cooling systems and power supply are redundant. They are built with redundancy on all critical systems, for instance with redundant diesel generators as emergency power systems, and they are protected by argonite fire extinguishing systems. So you have security with extra security. And then an extra layer of security - just to be safe.

If you place your server and IT equipment with us and thus allow us to provide the secure environment, then you can lean back and focus on your core business.

We use 'free' cooling. You can read more about 'free' cooling here.

Top security

Video surveillance

Access control

Free cooling

Top-Secure Data Centres Monitored 24/7

GlobalConnect's data centres meet the international operational reliability requirements. We monitor our data centres around the clock. Any change - everything from deviations in air temperature in the centres to unauthorised access - will be recorded and investigated immediately.

In addition, your servers are under constant monitoring at our Operations & Maintenance Centre (OMC) in Taastrup. Here, we have installed our best technicians and equipped them with a cup of hot coffee so that they are always ready to solve urgent tasks. Day or night - just call us!

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Tier Classifications

We always apply the Tier classifications when we design data centres, making the following items a natural part of our facilities.

  • Redundant diesel generators that turn on in case of a power failure
  • Fire protection (smoke detection and Inergen / Argonite)
  • Redundant cooling systems
  • UPS-units that ensure stable power
  • The facilities are monitored by a wide range of technical alarms and sensors
  • Access control (personal access cards, finger scanner, password)
  • Video surveillance


OMC 24/7

We Take Care of the Problem First

We would prefer not to encounter any technical problems, but they cannot always be avoided. In case of problems, we have a detailed Crisis Management Plan, which the staff in our Operations & Maintenance Centre (OMC) know backwards. In this case, our first priority is to identify the problem so that we can launch a plan to get you back on track as quickly as possible. For instance, our Crisis Management Plan is one of the factors that led to our ISAE 3402 approval

Read more about our ISAE 3402 approval and data security.

Can we help you?

For more information on reliability, please contact us. 
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Connect to a Top Professional Data Centre

If you are looking for a safe and top professional location to place your servers and IT equipment, look no further. With 13,000 square metres of data centres and Denmark's fastest fibre connection to and from each data centre, you will never notice that your equipment has moved out.

Why worry about cooling and fire safety? Let us lie awake at night for you. You deserve a good night's sleep.

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Your Data are in Absolutely Secure and Well-Tested Hands

It is our business to transmit and store your data. Therefore, it is also our primary focus in everything we do. As a supplier in the area of fibre, transmission and data centre solutions, we have been awarded the international auditing approval ISAE 3204 (type 2) by the auditing company BDO. To achieve this type of approval, the company must have extra focus on quality and optimum working processes.

Read more about data security and what we do to secure your data

IT outsourcing is more than just technology

We know that IT outsourcing is about more than simply moving the hardware out of the business. It is also about knowledge, insight and, not least, feelings. Most of all, the feeling of letting go of control. At GlobalConnect, we are aware that peace of mind is important when you find yourself in a situation in which you feel that you may have to relinquish control.

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Information & Maintenance

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