Data Security

We are ISAE 3402 Approved. That is your Guarantee for Data Security

To ensure a high quality standard, external auditors review our work processes each year. The audit is performed by the recognised auditing company BDO, which each year reviews GlobalConnect's work processes, products and services. During the visit, which lasts a month, BDO checks whether our data centre facilities meet the stipulated international standards for operational reliability and service inspection.

GlobalConnect has been awarded the international audit approval ISAE 3402 (type 2). To achieve this type of approval, the company must have extra focus on quality and optimum working processes in fibre, transmission and data centre solutions.

This Means that we Always Focus on:

  • Whether we observe all provisions of the Danish Processing of Personal Data Act. 
  • Separation of duties: When you order a service from us (e.g. the creation of a user), the person making the order cannot also be the user. These roles must be kept 100% separated.
  • That our Backup solutions meet all standards. And with different SLAs, we also have a solution for you. Read more under Redundancy and Backup and restore.
  • Strict requirements for access to our data centres - read more about our Operational Reliability.
  • Destruction of data and media in connection with replacement of servers, computers, and even flash drives.
  • All our lines are encrypted so if someone tries to eavesdrop, they will hear nothing but "noise".
  • Hacking and antispam: We have secured ourselves, and thus you, against attacks from hackers and spammers.

You can get our Security Plan and Other Documents

We can send you the above audit statement and other documents, which describe how we work. The following is a list of these documents. All you have to do is to complete the form or send us an email and we will return to you.


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Service Agreement:

You will always receive a specific service agreement, which clearly defines the services and service levels we deliver to you. It is important for us that our agreements with you are transparent and relevant in relation to your needs.

Contingency Plan:

As part of our security measures, we have prepared an actual contingency plan if the accident should happen. In this plan, we have defined how we handle critical situations. This is your guarantee that we always know exactly what to do - even in unpredictable situations.

Crisis Management Plan:

As an integral part of our contingency plan we are also working with crisis management. It is essential for us to document to our customers who is to take charge in a crisis, whether it is error handling, communication with our customers, decision-making processes or coordination.

Audit Statement (ISAE 3402):

The above plans and agreements are also an integral part of our annual audit statement, where authorised auditors review our business procedures and processes.

Security and Operational Reliability

Having taken on the responsibility of ensuring that a number of companies can maintain their operations because they have chosen to place their server facilities with us, we have also taken on the responsibility of ensuring operational reliability. That is why we have joined forces with the best in the field, who boast many years of experience in design, maintenance and operation of data centres.

If you place your server and IT equipment with us and thus allow us to provide the secure environment, then you can lean back and focus on your core business.

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Connect to a Top Professional Data Centre

If you are looking for a safe and top professional location to place your servers and IT equipment, look no further. With 13,000 square metres of data centres and Denmark's fastest fibre connection to and from each data centre, you will never notice that your equipment has moved out.

Why worry about cooling and fire safety? Let us lie awake at night for you. You deserve a good night's sleep.

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Not just a standard cloud solution, but made-to-measure IT outsourcing

We want to be your IT outsourcing partner. We will adapt our IT infrastructure to match your needs, so the solution will ultimately feel like your own, even though it is located with us. We do not wish to sell you a cloud solution which on paper looks like it adapts to your ongoing needs automatically. We want to create an outsourcing strategy that is tailored to your needs already from day one.

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ISAE 3402

Accredited Tier Designer

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