Disaster Recovery

Restores Business-critical Data and Software Immediately

Have you considered what you would do if you were affected by a critical failure? How would you restore the company's IT systems and data if were are struck by heavy cloudbursts, fire, or intrusion?

With Disaster Recovery from GlobalConnect, operations can continue undeterred even if there is a critical failure on the company servers. You do therefore not need to lie awake at night and worry about what will happen in case of a critical failure.

We already have a solution ready. This allows your employees to continue their work as if nothing had happened, and your customers will still have access to your products and services.

That is unless you prefer sleepless nights?

SLA - depending on needs and finances

GlobalConnect offers three different levels of Disaster Recovery, depending on your company's needs. There is a massive difference in how critical maintenance of systems and data is for a company. However, there is no need to pay for a solution that you do not need.

Choose your IT disaster plan

In the following, you will find three different models, each of which is suitable for different needs. You can also choose to group your servers on different solutions, if e.g. only some of your data needs to be restored quickly. This will provide you with a flexibility that is visible on your bottom line.

Solution ASolution BSolution C
Business critical Extremely Somewhat To a small degree
Server location Private Cloud Locally + Private Cloud Locally + Private Cloud
Technology Integrated failover Replicate Restore
Delay None Less than 30 minutes Less than 1 hour
Resource allocation Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic

Solution A:

Used for servers with mission-critical systems and data where no downtime is tolerated.

GlobalConnect's cloud data centre is designed with a view to maximum operational and data safety. The system is established as two independent and separate data centres located 5 km apart with largely unlimited data capacity and full redundancy between centres.

Solution B:

Used for servers with less mission-critical systems which are able to tolerate downtime of 15 to 30 minutes.

If services can wait 15-30 minutes before operation is resumed we offer a software product which replicates data from your company's disks to GlobalConnect's data centre. The moment disaster strikes and your company's IT installation breaks down servers are started automatically at GlobalConnect. The only delay will be the maximum 15 to 30 minutes which it may take to start the servers.

Solution C:

Used for servers which may be down for more than 1 hour.

GlobalConnect allocates a resource in its own data centre corresponding to the content of your company's primary site. In case of breakdown of your systems, a backup site is ready to start up.

Can we help you?

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