Cloud Trial - Virtual server hosting

Is your business considering virtualising part of your servers?

With our cloud solutions, GlobalConnect provides the necessary infrastructure as a service. It allows your company to outsource the operation of your servers in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Try our Corporate Cloud

GlobalConnect provides a web portal, from which you manage your company's virtual servers.

We provide access for you and your employees to our Corporate Cloud for a limited period of time, during which you can:

  • Create new virtual machines
  • Import your existing virtual machines
  • Execute applications within your virtual environment
  • Test load balancing between multiple virtual machines
  • Assign and monitor consumption of your virtual resources
  • Familiarise yourself with the administration of your virtual environment

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Cloud Trial period

Note the following reservations during the trial period: Integration with your company's existing IT environment is not possible - GlobalConnect must approve all applications which are installed - GlobalConnect is entitled to pursue claims from third parties in case of violation of a license agreement - The customer must observe all intellectual property rights as described in the agreement - On expiry of the trial period, vApps, virtual machines and all data will be deleted..

Infrastructure as a Service

You can choose to outsource at several levels. With GlobalConnect's IaaS, we provide your entire digital IT infrastructure, enabling you to free up IT resources and minimizes both equipment and operating costs. This means that you no longer have to build your own IT centre, and you also gain optimum operational reliability and performance. The entire solution is available through our systems. This also means that we guarantee the quality.

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Top Security

Today, the financial sector is not alone in paying attention to security. At a time when more and more data are transmitted over the Internet, many new industries have also started to focus on security. Therefore they choose to establish their own fibre connection. Have you considered whether your data are adequately protected?

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