IP Access

Key to Productivity and Competitiveness

With IP Access, you will acquire a professional Internet access ideal for businesses and housing associations.

IP Access is key to productivity and helps you bolster your competitiveness in a globalised world in the long run. We deliver and reserve the exact speed you have ordered for you and only you. This applies even if you do not use the full capacity all the time.

Flexible Agreements

We can provide IP Access in many different variants. This will give you a higher degree of flexibility. You can therefore choose whether you want:

  • Static routing
  • BGP routing
  • Own IP addresses or IP addresses delivered by GlobalConnect

Low Response Times

GlobalConnect has concluded transit agreements with a number of global Tier 1 providers. This means that we can offer you world-best traffic quality with very low response times.

This ensures you a high-speed connection.

IPv4 or IPv6? The Choice is Yours

At some point, it will no longer be sufficient to operate with IPv4 addresses. There will simply be no addresses left! With IPv6, we will not run into that problem any time soon - the number of addresses is so large that we do not even have the space for all the zeros here.

But don't worry, at GlobalConnect we can offer you IPv6. And in addition to the numerous IP addresses, there are other advantages, including improved security and simplified network architecture. However, you choose whether you prefer IPv4, IPv6 or both.

Can we help you?

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Access delivered stand-alone on fibre, as part of a network solution, and with or without redundancy

100% Quality of Service

Customers are often forced to share the same resources on the Internet. We do not use such methods. We only use one quality level – 100%. We can therefore guarantee no overbooking between your address and the Internet backbone. That is Quality of Service.

Redundancy on your Internet access

In tandem with the increasing needs to be online at all times, demands for a secure and stable Internet solution also increase. GlobalConnect provides different forms of Internet access redundancy depending on uptime needs and requirements. Moreover, we can handle all or parts of operations for you.

A redundant connection to the Internet also requires the use of the BGP protocol, which is a job for specialists. However, at GlobalConnect, we have developed a solution where you do not need in-house BGP-experts – we will take care of everything for you!

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Future-proof Network Solution

Is your company ready for the data consumption of the future? And are your current technologies and network solutions also able to support the business of tomorrow? With our nationwide fibre network, you will have access to a high-speed network where we can deliver everything from the dark fibre to a complete network solution.

So the question is, whether you want to future-proof your business today or tomorrow? Read more network solutions

Solutions for Content and Broadband Providers

With IP Transit, we offer content and broadband providers Internet access capable of handling high traffic volumes and demanding traffic - all on market leading terms. In addition, as official AMS-IX partner, we can provide full access to the AMS-IX.

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