Managed Network Solutions

A Complete Network Solution

Managed Network Solutions is a complete network solution for companies and organisations that want optimum design, best-in-class network services and optimum operation delivered by a single supplier - GlobalConnect. As part of the package, you will acquire a transport network solution based on Carrier Ethernet, which, in combination with our Layer3 solution, will provide you with a professional router network.

Layer3: Your Very Own Navigator

With Layer3 on Private Lan, you will acquire a solution that streamlines all your data streams so that they do not take up unnecessary bandwidth on your network. This somewhat resembles your navigation system offering you a direct route to Rome instead of you ending up visiting all motorways and approach roads on the way. You reach your destination faster, and the other roads will not be overburdened. It is a win-win for all.

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For how long can you afford to be down? At GlobalConnect, we offer solutions for our customers that ensure maximum response in case of a critical failure.

If you select redundancy from GlobalConnect, you will get a precise definition of what redundancy covers. You also get backup of the full capacity of your connection. If for example you have a 100Mbit solution, you will also have 100Mbit the other way. That is more than other companies promise.

More about our solutions in redundancy.

Nationwide Fibre Network

We have dug more than 13,000 km of fibre into in the Danish soil through the years, and we are still digging. This means that you can gain access to a nationwide network capable of delivering speeds of up to 400 Gbit/s on a fibre pair.

With a powerful network as our starting point, we can offer a broad spectrum of technologies and products to future-proof your business.

Fibre coverage map