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You can count on us if you need a first class network solution.  We are rarely very far away from you company. This means that delivery of a fibre solution from GlobalConnect is both easy and quick.

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Dark Fibre

A Private Dark Fibre Network for your Company

We establish and provide a private fibre network for you and your company. Each fibre will only carry your data traffic. This gives you the freedom to decide how you want to use your fibres.

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The ultimate network technology

If you are looking for the absolute highest transparency and efficient speed, WDM is the solution for you. This technology makes it impossible to mix data, as the waves carrying your data are physically separated. This is your guarantee for a high level of security. With WDM, you get the benefits of a dark fibre solution, but without the need for repeater stations and without the need to buy equipment - we will do that.

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SDH Transmission

The Classical Solution

SDH is a conventional transmission technology, which is mainly used by companies in the telecom industry, such as mobile operators or other telecom operators.

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Carrier Ethernet

Network Technology of the Future Delivered Today

With Carrier Ethernet, you can forget everything about translation of IP addresses, security breaches, tedious waiting times for reconfigurations and below-standard quality. Carrier Ethernet is born for fibre. 

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Managed Network Solution

A Complete Network Solution

Managed Network Solutions is a complete network solution for companies and organisations that want optimum design, best-in-class network services and optimum operation delivered by a single supplier - GlobalConnect.

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