Data Centre Solutions

Get a Top Professional Data Centre

GlobalConnect offers the most reliable and most attractive data centre solution in the market.

And we know what we are talking about. We have been in the sector from the beginning, back when it was called telehousing, and therefore boast more than 15 years' experience in building, maintaining and operating top professional data centres.

So why not focus on your core business and let the experts manage your facility operations?

Customised Solution

As our customer, you will quickly see that the road from proposal to implementation is short. In contrast to other providers, we do not have to ask permission from a lot of people before we can launch a project.

This also means that we can always customise a data centre solution to your company. If you would rather focus on content and core services (bits and bytes) and avoid thinking about the outer framework such as power, cooling and emergency management, then you need to get hold of us.

Interconnect - Easy and Flexible

Via GlobalConnect's data centres, you obtain easy and flexible connection to both Danish and international providers and telecom operators - we have concluded agreements with more than 40 different players. This makes it possible to exchange traffic with practically all telecom operators in the Danish market as well as a number of major foreign players. Our agreements are flexible and generally characterised by a minimum of red tape and a high degree of transparency.

Give us a call at +45 7730 3000 or send an email to Wholesale: if you need a professional and flexible partner.

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Server room or 1 rack - you decide

Security and operational reliability

Free cooling

Plenty of Space!

We have more than 13,000 square metres of data centres placed all over Denmark, a number we keep expanding. All our data centres are linked to our nationwide fibre network of more than 13,000 km fibre.

You will therefore gain access to one of Denmark's fastest connections. Your data will literally move at the speed of light, and you will never be able to tell whether the server is in your own office or ours.

Read more about our facilities here

Security and Operational Reliability

Having taken on the responsibility of ensuring that a number of companies can maintain their operations because they have chosen to place their server facilities with us, we have also taken on the responsibility of ensuring operational reliability. That is why we have joined forces with the best in the field, who boast many years of experience in design, maintenance and operation of data centres.

That is why our data centres also meet the high international standards required under an ISAE 3402 approval.

Read more about security and operational reliability here.

Environment and 'Free' Cooling

At GlobalConnect, we have a number of issues that lie close to our heart and which we in our daily work have chosen to give special attention (read more about them here). More specifically, we focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and in our data centres, we are able to make a considerable difference in this area by focusing on cooling.

Since 2008, we have therefore used "free cooling" in all our data centres. You can read more about what it means exactly here.