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Flip over the flaps

VR samlevejledning

Do you've Youtube?

You'll need the Youtube app on your smartphone to activate VR mode. When you load a VR video Press the Google Cardboard icon icon in the bottom right of the video (see step 2 below).


If you havn't installed the Youtube app you can get it for free in the app store.


If you're a Windows phone owner please find a colleague with an iPhone or Android device.


Click The Button and

... choose to open in "Youtube". Switch to VR mode (Google Cardboard icon) and place phone in VR glasses.

Youtube VR guide

(The Button only works if you have installed the Youtube app!)


What's next?

You've watched our VR greeting by clicking The Button and are now thinking what's next? How do I get more of this?

Download some VR apps from your favorite app store or watch more VR videos in the Youtube app.

We like the app "Within" but there's also some really fun rollercoaster apps you should try out :-)


And don't forget to share the fun with your colleagues.


Merry Christmas and happy New Year from all of us at GlobalConnect